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Top 3 creatures

November 19, 2010

During my short time thus far in South Africa, I have already encountered several strange phenomena. For example, the weather fluctuation on an hourly basis is even more fickle than my five personalities. One moment the weather would be cold and rainy, the next moment would be doused in sunshine, and later yet, you could experience scattered clouds and strong ass winds. It takes some getting used to.

But even more interesting than the weather changes are the strange creatures that live in this place. The following is my Top 3 list of wildlife that are abundantly found in the back yard.

  1. The “Shongololo.” I kid you not. That’s what it’s called. But you might be more familiar with the term “millipede.” I was actually lecturing Adam about how poisonous they are and he claimed they were harmless. Of course when I just researched it, I was wrong and he was totes right. Sort of. One of their defense mechanisms is to emit this poisonous chemical thing that can kill ants and whatnot, but for humans it’ll only cause mild skin discomfort. Bottom line: You can’t die from them. And some people even keep them as pets! Another defense mechanism is curling up into a tight coil so that their little exoskeletons protect their mushy undersides. I’ve stepped on a couple though, and it doesn’t really help.
  2. The Hadida bird. This demon bird is the most obnoxious, evil fucking thing. It’s huge (like, knee height) and just squawks all day. Even at night you can hear them in the trees. They’re devil birds, I tell you. And today I was practicing my Hadida mating call (because I want it to be my new distress signal) and one of them actually landed in the yard and started eyeing me. It was creepy.
  3. The random little black snake that might not have a name. It was a dark night. So we couldn’t really identify the particular species or whatever, but Adam’s mom came screaming into the house that there was a snake in the yard. We went to investigate (and Adam had to toss it over the wall), and it was this tiny little black snake, which to me looked like any other garden snake. But they were convinced that it was evil and poisonous, so I wasn’t allowed to keep it as a pet.

Yeah so those are the winners for this post. There’s many more critters and stuff, but they didn’t make the top three. I saw a sign today that said “Attention: Animal Crossing” but I couldn’t identify the animal in the picture.

Adam said it was some sort of buck. It looked more like a mutated moose/deer/gazelle, but I didn’t say anything.

Vacation time

November 16, 2010

Well, the day is finally here! I’m going on vacation to South Africa tonight. Depending on what the situation is like over there, I might have to cut down on my blogging. But I’ll do everything in my power to still keep you updated and post regularly!

In the meantime, I will make use of my abandoned drawings, because I have a lot of shit to do and don’t have time for a real post. I’ll leave you with some animals:

This is a draft for what was going to be a full-on post, but I decided that'd've been too Wikipedia-like. So I never pursued it.

Honestly, I don't know why ANYONE likes dolphins. They're douchebaggy, annoying, have creepy teeth, and look sort of like sharks with Down Syndrome.

Yeah there's not much to say about this one. Except that bears are awesome.

Expectation vs. Reality

November 5, 2010

So I’m officially going with Adam to South Africa for a ten-day vacation! I had to do mad research though, because 1.) I’m not used to backwards, south-of-the-equator shit, 2.) I’m traveling alone and don’t know my way around any African airports, and 3.) I like to mentally prep myself before I venture into new territories.

Now, for those of you who are either mentally retarded or live under a rock or, I dunno, smoke a lot of crack or something, South Africa is a country in the south of… wait for it… Africa! Pretty nifty, huh? Did you see how they did that with the name? Anyway, it’s pretty much as south as you can go. Summer is in December, the left side of the road is the right side (bonus points for play on words!), and water swirls the opposite direction when you flush a toilet.

You know those HSBC ads that are totally ambiguous and awesome?

Yeah, that’s how I feel about South Africa. I’m confused between expectations and reality. Therefore, I have decided to display a series of images and let you decide which is which. Or, if you can’t be bothered to think, I’ll just tell you about it after my trip. If I make it out alive, that is.



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