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Word(s) of the Day #6

April 18, 2011

hone v. to sharpen [“Michael Phelps thought he’d hone his skills by cutting his body with razors and attempting to out-swim the sharks that chased him.]

home v. to move towards a target [“The hungry sharks homed in on Michael Phelps.]

Note: “Honing in” has recently been considered an acceptable replacement for “homing in,” and many dictionaries use them interchangeably. However, I still find this incorrect, so I’m sharing the truth with you. You’re welcome.


Apologies and a non-sequiturs

March 12, 2011

I realise that the content on my blog this past week has been kinda lacking. It’s because I don’t care about you. No, I’m kidding a little bit. I do “care” but I also have other things to do. So… sorry.

Kay and now that the apology is outta the way, I’m gunna post some random comics I’ve been working on. Yep, this is what I’m too busy with to write. No, not really. But, you know, it sounds cooler than saying I’m studying for exams and working on presentations.

In other news, I had a weird dream about sharks and whales the other day.

<insert witty toucan pun here>

UPDATE: I just realised the severity of my patheticness. Also, “patheticness” is not a real word. I did not know that until now.

Random search-stats

December 2, 2010

Lately, my search engine stats have been a little bit weird (click to enlarge):First of all,  I don’t think I’ve ever used Arabic on my blog, so I don’t know why that would show up. Secondly, Down Syndrome and midget giraffes are far sicker than anything I could ever come up with. Because the only animal with Down Syndrome on my site is a dolphin, and a midget giraffe seems like an oxymoron. The whole thing about a shark and a dolphin getting it on together makes me shudder. And snakes don’t have asses.

Glad to know that my blog generates so much useful traffic. Hooray!

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