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January 26, 2010

Well okay, not really news per say, but new-ish stuff nonetheless.

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve decided to revamp the header, changing the previously cutesy picture into a creepy one that’ll probably give you nightmares. Let me know if I succeed.

February is just around the corner! So be expecting my birthday wish list soon.

I just got a phone call from Tatjana at work, saying that a “mysterious parcel” is waiting for me in her office. This means two things. Firstly, the postal service seems to work just fine, so none of you should have a problem getting me the gifts I ask for on the aforementioned wish list. And secondly, I’m going to have a lakritz fest tomorrow, which excites me.

I’m sick again. Not like, SARS sick, but I think some sort of influenza-bronchitis medley. I feel like committing seppuku.

The new semester has officially begun. Again I can only take two subjects due to my hellish work requirements, and those subjects are ECON111 (I’m finally doing micro!) and MARK217, which I reckon is going to be a fairly boring consumer behaviour course. Managing the two should be fairly feasible, because one is kinda mathy and the other’s kinda theory. So I think my brain can cope.

I haven’t been having super exciting dreams recently. On the contrary, they’ve been rather dull and life-like. In yesterday’s dream I got lost in a building for like, an hour. And it wasn’t even a trippy building, it was just a standard boring apartment building. The only thing dreamy about it was that the stairwell went on forever and never actually took me one floor down (hence the reason why I got lost). Eventually I broke through the window and ended up outside Block 3 in the Gardens. So it was alright.

I’m slightly hungry, so I’m going to head over to the kitchen now and see what happens.


Things I learned today

January 15, 2010

The old adage is true! You really do learn something new every day! But in my case, since I’m super awesome, I learn more than just “something.” I learn many things! And because I’m feeling generous, I shall share them with you.

  1. There are 1,448 red and white rings that make up the lane lines at the lap pool in Jumeirah Beach Hotel. I haven’t gotten around to counting the blue ones yet.
  2. Seppuku or “stomach-cutting” is a form of Japanese ritual suicide, originally used by samurai who would rather die with honour than be captured by the bad guys. The process involves stabbing yourself in the stomach with a tanto (those long, bad-ass samurai swords) and then twisting it left and right with slicing motions.
  3. No matter how hard you try to effectively bite off a hangnail, you will always rip off half your finger along with it. I currently have four of my fingers wrapped in bandaids.
  4. Red Bull does not give you wings.
  5. Typing “my rob” into Google will yield several suggestions, including “my robot is pregnant.” When I found this out about an hour ago, I nearly shat my pants with excitement/fear. However, there are no female robots currently in labour (that we know of), rather, My Robot Is Pregnant is simply a cool blog. Besides, everyone knows robots are asexual and can only produce offspring by building and programming their own.

And… yeah. That’s all I learned today. Pretty productive, huh?

UPDATE: I counted the blue ones as well. There were 912, making the grand total 2,360 (590 for each lane divider). Woo! *slits wrists from boredom*

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