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Sebastian Simba Smith

August 14, 2011

For those of you who don’t know, I’m on cat #6. Except this one is actually cute and not a homeless beggar cat from the streets. He’s like a Himalayan/Siamese and not obese at all *cough cough* BArt.

Anywho, so yesterday I took him to the vet for the very first time, to get him vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped. At least that was the plan, anyway.

When our turn came up, we went into the examination room, and Sebastian politely sat on the table. He also had no problems sitting on the scale (2.5 kilos, what up!). He had no issue when the guy stuck a pill down his throat. He didn’t complain when he got the vaccine-filled syringe jabbed into his luscious coat. Everything was going well!

Then came the microchipping part. And let me just tell you, I’ve never actually seen the process of microchipping the other five cats before. So I kinda thought it’d go something like this:


But then what it was actually like was more like this:

And Sebastian thought it was… this:

I felt so bad for him! They couldn’t do it! The doctor and nurse even felt bad and held him and apologised profusely. But they explained that 20-some percent of cats won’t allow it, so in those cases, they just do it at another time, typically when they’re already under general anaesthesia.

Namely, ballsack removal day.


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