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SMS snippets

February 19, 2010

Have you ever been so bored that you read through old SMS archives on your mobile? I have. And some of them are just too funny to keep to myself, so I thought I’d post them here for all the world to see. I think the fact that they’re out of context makes reading them even more humorous. But don’t worry, anonymity is a given.

  • Ok… This is gonna take longer than I anticipated. P.s remind me to evict/bomb atleast half the buildings in discovery gardens
  • Do you like Doritos?
  • I have 30 dhs. From our grandmother. She thinks thats enough to have a bitchin time in the worlds largest mall. Luckily i also have the equivilent of 90 dhs in egyptian pounds.
  • Ona Johnson… Get in ma belleh!
  • Whore whore WHORE!!!!! FUCKING DIE!!!!!!!
  • I have to go back to al quoz ind area at 11 so no time for sleep sleep, joy to the fuckin world! Anyways since I’m gonna be suffering today, I hope from deep down inside that u encounter manbearpig AND chucky today :) P.s they are real and I know for a fact that they prey on the brains of 21 year old german girls soooo ye… Have a great day!! :D
  • I am planning to get you 2012 for your birthday.
  • They just played her on the radio. My ears have been raped.
  • Lock the door dont forget!! Twice please. Otherwise black paw will get us! Bye
  • Munir lives… There is no God.
  • MY MUSIC VIDEO IS ON!!! It’s onnnnnnnnn omg why arent you here? Poop on you!

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this shit is funny. But then again, that’s all that really matters. Because no one cares about you. This is my fucking blog. Whammy!

In other, completely unrelated news, I haven’t changed my contacts since 2009 and my eyes are bleeding (I think). So there won’t be a real post today, only this one. Maybe a dream post in the near future. Depends on if I can function as soon as I wake up.


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