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Travel Plans

May 16, 2011

Guess what, my little minions? It’s that time of year again when it’s way too hot to stay in Dubai, and the only thing to do is book a vacation to Greenland!

Unfortunately, I have no friends or relatives there, nor do I have money to stay in Nuuk hotels, nor does Greenland even have an airport to fly into! And I’m definitely not¬†swimming there. I just got my hair done.

Instead, I’m doing my usual New England run, so I’ll be gone for a little while. I’m leaving tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, and I’m back in two weeks. So although I’m bringing all of my necessary electronics, I just thought you should know that I will probs be using the degenerative influences of American life as an excuse to not post anything during that time.

To make this a little easier on you guys, I’ve drawn another insanely hilarious knock-knock joke. And yes, that polar bear looks familiar because I was too lazy to draw a brand new one.

Note: Greenland does have an airport. Several, actually. I just Googled it.


More fruity knock-knock jokes

May 8, 2011

No seriously guys? These are epic. How do I come up with this stuff? I should be a joke writer.

Yep, I’m delusional.

April 23, 2011

Okay so one exam down, two to go. I’m suffering from dementia. I promise I’ll post something proper soon! But for now I have to leave you with a comic I made that I think is exceptionally hilarious.

Although, now that I look at it, I realise I’m just an idiot.

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