Do you think I’m awesome? Would you like to stalk me? Well then today’s your lucky day! Here are some different ways of getting in touch with me:

facebook: [It is important to note, however, that I’m not a compulsive friend-adder. If I don’t know you, regardless of how many mutual friends we have, I will not accept any requests. So send a message. Also, I do not play any farm, zombie, vampire, mob, racing, or gambling games. In fact, I don’t play any games featured on facebook. So don’t invite me because I’ll find out where you live and come stab you.]

email: [So help me God, if you spam me, forward useless shit to me, or in any way clutter my inbox with things I don’t like, I will shove a grenade down your throat. And yes, that little thingy will have already been pulled out.]

NEW! twitter: @onamatopoeia [Do whatever you want here; I hate it anyway.]

EDIT: I just read this from your point of you, and realised that I sound like a complete douche who doesn’t want any contact with anyone. Sorry for threatening you.

But the threats are real.

So stalk wisely.

ANOTHER EDIT: No, you cannot have my home address. I have too many people lined up outside my door as it is.

ONE MORE EDIT: For gift-sending purposes, I will disclose my address, provided you email me in advance. Hooray!


One Response to “Contact”

  1. onamatopoeia Says:

    Wow, I’m such a douche-troll. Hahahaha, sorry!

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