I really have no excuse

It saddens me to say this, but I have absolutely no excuse for not having blogged in three-and-a-half years (give or take 38 months). I was just over it. But now I’m back, hopefully! I think I just have to designate a fixed day and time for my beloved handful of fans.

To answer your question, no I will not update you on anything, because that in itself is like an entire encyclopedia. But instead, I’ll leave you with a loving message because I watched Where The Wild Things Are yesterday.


5 Responses to “I really have no excuse”

  1. biological D. Says:

    I love it.
    hope live is treating you good

  2. Blue Says:

    This makes me happy.
    I look forward to any and all new posts you… post.
    ‘Where The Wild Things Are’-Quite possibly my favorite (well, one of) film ever. So kudos to you for that.

    • onamatopoeia Says:

      Oh my gosh, I have no idea how this comment slipped past me! Thanks for the positive feedback – will hopefully find time to start blogging regularly again. :)

  3. inurbase Says:

    It’s an Ona post! Best Monday evar!

  4. Biological D. Says:

    what´s happening with” from the wonderful brain of Ona?”
    it´s a long pause this time…. :-(

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