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Yes, I’m a failure.

September 3, 2011

So remember how I made it my New Year’s resolution to post once a week? And you know how I have a badge on the right that says “I’m part of Post A Week 2011?” And you know how it’s been like three whole weeks or even more┬ásince I last posted?! Yeah, it’s because I’m a good-for-nothing liar and a cheat. Also, I’ve been busy.

I decided to go back to this site for shits and giggles, and I’ll post some of my predicted tweets below. There will be no drawings today, so if you’re expecting some, don’t.

“I need to find em. Lasers, no. I’m gunna do one of those two birds. DON’T LIE, THEY’RE IDENTICAL!”

“:/ I don’t like Jagger.”

“Hahahaha, salinity! Oh wait, no. But perhaps a likeable monster.”

“Oh, and boring: I need to mention boring.”

“I’ll be hotter than Satan’s ballsack EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.”

“Wait, there’s a prize?! I could survive on the flu.”

“I wonder what’s up with rainbows and waterworks, yes. D:”

“Duty Free cigarettes. Haha, precisely. It puts the double negative.”

“I don’t see the lines of snow. You’re asking for the tortoises.”

“I wonder why British sitcoms are so damn sexy.”

“I wonder why I don’t like assholes. Meh.”

“I’m going to insert all the phone numbers in my head and see Aliens do football. Intense.”



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