So I just noticed that my header was an ugly blue box and no longer my beautiful face. I was sad and had to upload a new picture, which I don’t like because it has nothing to do with my wonderful brain, rather, it emphasises my “wonderful” hair. Did you catch the sarcasm? Yeah, that’s why I put the second wonderful in quotation marks.

Anywho, so I uploaded the ugly new picture as a temporary filler until I find my old one, but it’s nowhere to be found! So I’m thinking that maybe the Internets took it.*

So the reason I’m telling you all of this obvious stuffs (since I’m willing to bet at least sixty percent of you have eyeballs and can see the header change) is so that you can design me a new one! Something funky and cool but still in my old style. I’m looking at you, neilslorance. But other people can email me stuff too. Because it’s summer and you have nothing better to do.

Yes thank you okay bye bye.

*Them darn Internets, always touchin’ stuff that dudn’t belong to ’em. Where’s ma shotgun at?

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4 Responses to “WHERE IS IT?!”

  1. lostinamirage Says:

    I noticed this with mine as well, grrrr! I just assumed it was a part of all the bad luck I’ve been experiencing. :( I’m too depressed to put something else up anyway. FML.

  2. onamatopoeia Says:

    Nay it seems to be a Kubrick issue.

  3. Pelzina's relative Says:

    Ok, first of all – lostinamirage, I am glad to see your comment before mine… the way it is supposed to be. Write me on FB and tell me what is going on – I have special powers and might be able to help. I am serious… just write me!!

    Well, as to designing something new… some of us do work, but I will try to see if I can come up with something during the Eid holiday.

    Last but not least, Ma does NOT have a shotgun.

    • lostinamirage Says:

      Haha yeah things have been really crazy for me, and not in a good way, that’s why I was MIA. :( And thanks for offering to listen to me vent, I totally would send you a message on FB, (I really DO have a lot I need to get off my chest!) the only thing is that I deactivated my account. :/

      It’s difficult to blog about because I’m a little superstitious and paranoid but to make a long story short my dad has been in the hospital after getting surgery and he STILL hasn’t come home yet. (Just typing this out is hard enough as I have a phobia of hospitals, sicknesses, etc.) And so basically I’ve been anxious beyond words. My parents came here to help sort things out for me and then THIS had to happen, among other things.

      Ona I want you to delete this message after it’s been read, otherwise I’ll feel like the curse will continue. God, I sound so cryptic!

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