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Yes hello. This is me trying to be bloggative. I’m going to share with you the story of when I recently died at Adventure HQ.*

On the day before Ten left, we decided to eat out. There’s this nice Italian place in Times Square, so we went there. Once we finished our meal, Said said he wanted to pass by this new adventure store on the ground floor. So we went.

By the way, side note: IT IS AWESOME. They have everything ranging from swimming gear to surf stuff to jetskis to winter wear to mountain bikes to ropes and cables to snowboards to fishing to hunting to you name it. They have everything adventure/sports/awesome related.

Anyway, so we went and looked around, and we noticed that they have a huge rock climbing wall, along with this obstacle course that runs around the ceiling of the mall. It looked so stupid and easy. From the bottom.

We decided to give it a try and oh. my. god.

I kid you not.

I pooped my pants at least eighteen times. Over the course of like twenty minutes. Because it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life:

First, you had to climb on this loggy thing. Simple enough.

Then, you had to climb on this tight rope with demon cables making your life miserable.


THEN, YOU HAD TO DO THE SCARIEST ONE OF THEM ALL. There’s four tyres hanging there and you have to cross them, but they move and they’re far apart and you’re 15 meters up in the air! I cried a little. I also started sweating fear. It was horrible.

Eventually, I crossed it and went on to the next level which was similar, but with like, swinging planks.

Then there were swinging logs. Like, who designed this thing? Why was everything swingy and unstable? A nice set of monkey bars would have been alright, but noooo. They had to petrify me to the point of paralysis.

Next was a normal-ish balance beam (except keep the height in mind).

Then came this big wobbly wooden-plank bridge.

And last, YOU HAD TO JUST JUMP ACROSS THIS GAPING RAVINE! Jumping two meters across when on the ground is one thing, but jumping two meters across when you’re at the verge of tickling the feet of the angels in heaven? Not so much.

So that was it. Oh, to come down, you had to go down this not-so-scary but completely irritating rope thing, but it like, attacked and strangled you the whole way down.

But the rock climbing part was fun and it made my arms hurt.

UPDATE: I went again with Adam, and the time it took me to complete the course cut down considerably, but I was still scared like whoa. Adam said I was a sissy little pansy, but I know he secretly peed himself a bit.

*You’re welcome, Adventure HQ, for the free advertising.

5 Responses to “Adventure HQ”

  1. Sara G-to the-ezzle Says:

    Haha Ona you’re the best! I miss hearing all your crazy stories!
    What’s with all the pooping though…? you should really get that checked.

  2. Pelzina's relative Says:

    Nobody is leaving a comment because you do not really update this site any more…. SAD…

    But all so true what you wrote.. except for the pooping part. Never once did I poop in my pants. And Ten just laughed the whole way through and was jumping back and forth like crazy. It seemed she could not get enough of the danger OR as some claim, she is just too young to realize how dangerous it really was.

    Anyway, thanks for documenting our adventure AND you could have added somewhere that I was actually taking on all the challenges with amazing grace!!!


  3. adamdubai Says:

    I saw poop stains in your pants when you did it the 2nd time. 3rd time lucky?

  4. AdventureHQ Says:

    Hello! I work at Adventure HQ. I really love this blog and I was hoping we could put it on our Facebook if you don’t mind?! However, would you be able to somehow take out the swear words? Please email me

    Thanks! :)

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