*cue heavenly music*



For those of you wondering what divine and heavenly object is being portrayed above, it is the all-powerful and mighty pen for my drawing tablet! I’ve been looking for it for what, like three weeks now? And I finally found it today! Technically Ma did, but I don’t want to give her any credit, so let’s just say that I found it.

So now I can get back to blogging business! I’m fairly certain I’ve lost like 80% of my two subscribers (I failed math), but that’s okay. Because I’m just going to keep being awesome.



Okay maybe I just need to ease back in slowly. Here’s one of my famous knock-knock jokes that I’ve been wanting to draw for a while:

Ohhh, it’s good to be back.



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3 Responses to “*cue heavenly music*”

  1. Biological D. Says:

    and it´s good to see you´re back!

    hurray for your drawing pen!!!

  2. Pelzina's relative Says:

    Ok, just for the record —– I FOUND THE PEN! Actually, it was found yesterday evening on the black dining room chair. This actually means 1) those chairs have not been dusted/wiped for weeks as they should have been and 2) Ona NEVER EVER looked for that pen.

    So, my dear fans! I am not sure how much she actually wanted to come back… (no, joke, she did…. kind of) But looking at the Knock Knock joke she just made, I am considering to get rid of the pen again – but this time once and for all….

    And, by the way… you definitely lost some of your fans. This is THE FIRST TIME EVER that I commented on anything you wrote before Lost in a Mirage did :)))))

    • onamatopoeia Says:

      I looked! Everywhere! Except maybe on those chairs. :P

      And don’t act like you didn’t think that was the funniest joke ever…

      P.S. Where IS lostinamirage?!

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