New Blog? :D

Okay so I made the mistake of looking through some of the themes for WordPress and oh. my. GOD. I found one that’s so so awesome and perfect and I want it! However, when I previewed it, it looks like poop on this blog. Particularly because this clean, white theme has grown on me and I wanna keep it this way.

BUT, I still wanna use that other theme. Which means? Anyone? Yes, that is correct, gentleman in the blue shirt, I will have to start another blog!

Now the real question here is, what will this other blog consist of? Because as many of you know, I tried having a photoblog, but that got old and I just sorta neglected it. So now I need help deciding what my new blog should be about. Suggestions?!


P.S. I still haven’t found the pen to my drawing tablet. Where is itttt?!



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4 Responses to “New Blog? :D”

  1. lostinamirage Says:

    Your new blog should be about how awesome my blog is. Just kidding!

    I think you should blog about your quest for world domination. Okay yeah I’m probably of no help to you, sorry.

    Also, dolphins rule! :P

  2. inurbase Says:

    It should detail your plan to stop the coming animal world takeover attempt.

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