Eclipse Chatter

So yesterday, we had a total lunar eclipse. I was actually kinda excited at first, but then I started texting Qemzi, who was all “This sucks.” Here are some snippets of that convo:

Qemzi: “Lunar eclipses are lame. You don’t really miss the moon.”

Me: “This is true. But it still looks demonic at the halfway mark.”

Me: “Demon phase is commencing!”

Qemzi: “It’s turning a freaky shade of red.”

Me: “The moon just looks dirty. :( Why does it have to be the colour of bloody stool?”

Qemzi: “LOL. I’m half expecting the sun to come up and say ‘BOO!'”

Me: “Hahaha!”

Qemzi: “God this is boring.”

Me: “If I had beer and a telescope, this would be way cooler.”

Me: “I just want the clean, bright part to pop out on the other side.”

Qemzi: “Dude. Bad pun.”

Me: “Oh, no pun intended. I’m not a dirty perv like you.”

Qemzi: “Lies.”

Qemzi: “Dude it looks like it’s bleeding.”

Me: “Total eclipse of the heart? :D Pun intended this time.”

Qemzi: “Oh fuck you.”

Me: “Kay I’m over it. I’m going back inside now.”

Qemzi: “Yeah fuck this. I’m playing angry birds.”


Note: I know I’ve been AWOL for a while, but that’s just because I’m a bad person. I’ll make it up to you. Maybe.

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2 Responses to “Eclipse Chatter”

  1. Pelzina's relative Says:

    Why did you not mentioned that you briefly fainted during the whole eclipse drama… from exhaustion of looking at the dirty moon???

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