Twitter Predictions

So I found this site that can predict what your next tweet might be, based on your already existing “twitter DNA.” Here are some of my favourite ones that it generated:

“I HAVE COME UP WITH A PLAN! You can like, silhouette yourself even. For me.”

“Cocaine? I haven’t practiced.”

“I need to make pancakes. Might be able to sleep in movies.”

“I keep forgetting about testicles. Watching Bruno now. Yeah, kinda.”

“Need to feed the skin. Need to become even more awesome than pork.”

“Just got back from Adam’s. Learned about twitter. Will let you know.”

“I wonder if I’ll *actually* do it. I need a really, really, really BAD idea.”

“I started over. Whammy!”

“Will let you know when ants crawl on the tortoises. *shakes uncontrollably*”

“Where is my fix? God I hate mosquitos.”

P.S. I know this doesn’t count as a legit post. Will do a proper one a little later.


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3 Responses to “Twitter Predictions”

  1. lostinamirage Says:

    Woah, is this for real?! I gotta check it out! :D

  2. lostinamirage Says:

    OMG mine don’t make any sense whatsoever!!!

    I.e. “Do you steal an innocent man from the messiah! ; The IRS: Give us your first 5000 followers and you say.” WTF? Hahahahahahahaha!

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