Just a quick notice about wine

Okay I’m going to be honest here for a second. Wine is wine. Okay? I hate it when people are all “Oh, this twentieth-century Victorian wine from the hills of Blahdiblah is so scrumptious and delectable, my taste buds bow down in worship at the slightest sniff of it!” Unless you’re one of those freaks who doesn’t have a life and went to wine-tasting school for twenty years, don’t tell me you can taste the difference between a 1923, a 1985, or a 2010.

It all tastes like fermented grapes.


6 Responses to “Just a quick notice about wine”

  1. Mohammed Al Qemzi Says:

    I sense a story

  2. lostinamirage Says:

    That’s how I feel about all alcohol. But I agree, all the wines I’ve had have been super bitter (translation: yuck!) and I think it’s an overrated drink. Although, white wine is slightly more tolerable than red, in my opinion. Having said that, I like it in cooking, it really brings out the flavor of the food. Aaand I still think vintage wines are fascinating, along with wine cellars as well! :P Like, I’d love to own a bottle of wine from the 1300’s just because.

  3. Of Course Says:

    Perrier is an expired Masafi.

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