Quick cat stats

For those of you who are wondering about my cats, I made a quick guide for you, which you can click to enlarge. Their full names are written, but we call them Feb, Tommy, Bart, Leo, and Skillz, respectively. All of them are good cats except Feb. She truly is a demon, sent upon this Earth to destroy the human race. Don’t ever make eye contact with her.


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5 Responses to “Quick cat stats”

  1. inurbase Says:

    Hooray! Ona posts!

  2. lostinamirage Says:

    What happens if I DO make eye contact with Feb? Will I be petrified? :)

  3. Joey Says:

    Hey i agree with you , FEB was always evil, maybe its cause you locked her up in your toilet for so long

  4. Mohammed Says:


    He’s just big boned

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