New year, new stories, new dress!

Okay so this is just a little prequel to the two phenomenal tales you’re about to relive with me.  The first is a story of a true fucking Christmas miracle that actually happened, and the second is about my shitty/hilarious New Year’s Eve. Warning: Epic awesomeness will ensue.

But first, I’ve decided to change up my outfits for 2011! Instead of the usual purple-striped dress, I’ve decided to go with graphic tees to match my mood:

EDIT: Okay actually, I’ve decided not to write about those stories tonight. I’m sleepy. Entering into a new year will do that to you. So instead, I’m just going to leave you hanging! Oh, and to make it worse/better, I just remembered another story I’m going to tell you! It’s about a tortoise named Agatha. Yes.

ANOTHER EDIT: Don’t cry. I’ll write at least one of these tomorrow (hopefully all). :)


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3 Responses to “New year, new stories, new dress!”

  1. lostinamirage Says:

    I WANNA KNOW WHAT YOUR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE WAS!!! Thanks for leaving me hanging.
    Oh, and I finally gave my blog a title! Let me know what you think. ;)

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