Dream Contest!

Note: Just because I used the word “contest,” don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re going to win anything. Because you won’t. Except perhaps the feeling of personal victory for being as cracked-out as I am.

I had a dream. And it wasn’t about one day my four little children living in a nation where they won’t be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character. Nay. Definitely not as deep and inspiring as my homeboy Martin’s dream. Rather, it was about ____________ and I’m fairly certain it was based on my recent viewing of the film “_________________.”

“But Ona, we don’t speak in blanks! What does this mean? What was your dream about? We need to know before our minds spontaneously combust!” Well guess what, my friends. That’s why the title of this post includes the word “contest.” I’m gunna show you a couple scenes from my dream, and you get to guess what it was about! Wee, fun times!

And yes, the reason I’m doing this is because I’m actually too lazy to type and draw out the whole thing. I got other shit to do.

So… good luck? Leave your guesses in the comments section in the form “Your dream was about _________, based on the movie ______________.”

Scene 1:

Scene 2:

P.S. I’m not tricking you. These scenes are related. If you need more clues, I might add some. But even more likely, I’ll just laugh maniacally and watch you suffer. Muahahaha!

UPDATE: Okay here are some hints.


Kinda creepyish

My depicted scene about the banquet does not happen in the movie, but the dancing one directly does.


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12 Responses to “Dream Contest!”

  1. Flo Says:

    Their was a young girl, that cames to New York. She lived with her mother and little sister, and her mother had to change places and cities very quick and often, cause of her job. This girl named Oana. She wasn`t such girl as the girls in her age, she wasn`t so much interested in material things, tv and such stuff, she lived in her own fantasy, loved music as shit and she had a dream. She wannted to be a professional dancer. So she was very excited to come from Oklahoma, where she lived last time, with her mother and her little sister to big glorious NY. It was X-mas time, and all boulevards were glittering and sparkeling, full of magical lights and snow falled, and on the placas stand real big x-mas-trees… and Oana was fascinated from this big but magical inspirating city. But she didn`t know, that NY is the City of Ianus, the god of chaos, and that the grey-blue eyes of this old god ley on her, while she walked through the white peacefull little streets, that look like the street at Bill Cosbys house. Ianus felt the lonelyness of this little girl, he saw, that she draws the wonderfullst pictures with her fantasy and his interest in her grows. Some days later, in evening, Oana fleed out of the little flat, cause her mother and sister were crying on each other and Oana is such sensitive person, she hates cryings and troubbles, she fleed away on the calm and peaceful white streets. Snow felt slowly and somewhere, gentle plays a saxophone. Oana walked through the street and bumbled the song the saxophone playes, while she lived in her fantasy. But their, in the snow, something layed. Looked like a entrance card for something. Oana took it, looked on it. In front was written: Entrance card for the magical theater, just for not normal person. Also on the card was painted a head with two faces in gold. One face smiled crazy and scary, the other face looked serious and kind. “Not normal person?” oana spoke to her self, “sounds interesting, maybe to look whats going on their!”
    Oana read: Magical theater, Saint Florianstreet 1712. Oana knew the streets in her region, so she walked to the written adress. But in Saint Florianstreet 1712 she stands infront of an old, broken house, that waited for abridgment. She controled second time the card, and walked trought a break in the fence in the old dark and scary house. She stepped in. Oana stoped breathing, she stood in a big, old theater. the adornment is from gold, very big golden putti fly over her head and the big hall was full of people. The person looked strange: very fat, very tall, very little, very bended with weird wild old hairstyles. And they all looked on her. A man in a fine dress coat and without hairs came to her, and asked: Caviar? Champagne? Oana heared herself speaking, and she was shoked, cause she spoke like in hypnose. “Yes. Must. Eat. All.” But then: Music sounded, the clearest and most perfect music and sound Oana ever had heared. Mozart would be ashamed while hearing this sweet sound. Oana began to sing, to dance full enthusiasm. She became blind for all other things around her, she just felt the music, her power penetrated her body. But than …. darkness around her. No funny looking persons, no putti in gold, nothing. She stood in a room, all was broken around her, the wallpaper hang down, the bottom was broken, she was in the broken house. Oana waited some minutes, to realise everything and to become shure that she wasn`t dreaming. The cold wind blew in her face. She felt tired and left the broken house to walk home. From one moment to the other she felt tired and had the wish to spend time with her crazy mother and little sister. She walked through the peaceful and white streets of NY.
    A beautyful young man, with long blonde hairs and grey – blue eyes looked on her, smiled calm, knewing that she would carry his child to term.

  2. Flo Says:

    Ah, its better to read the things awake and not in half sleeping modus. Now I understand the contest… :D The film that influenced your dream is “black swan”

  3. inurbase Says:

    I love how the lone commenter took the answer I was going to give. I’m pretty sure it’s based on Black Swan

  4. Aaisha Says:

    I had to google “Black Swan” since I hadn’t heard of it before I read the comments.
    I guess there’s no point in me guessing then. :P
    Although, that picture of you in a purple gown reminds me of Hermione at the Yule Ball. So I would’ve been the retarded one by guessing “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”

  5. onamatopoeia Says:

    HOW HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THIS SO-CALLED “BLACK SWAN” MOVIE?! You are all wrong. Especially you, Aaisha, sorry. :P

  6. Aaisha Says:

    Hahaha! Any chance you can give some more clues? Like, was this a new or old movie? I can’t make a proper deduction without adequate data, Watson.

  7. adamdubai Says:

    ok here’s the deal, chances are all of you are getting lead on a merry treasure hunt, some thing like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. So to take pity on those of you who are trying to find the answer go to this website of all the movies made in 1999


    onamatopoeia, you are cruel.

  8. Flo Says:

    your pictures remind me in mixury of blair witch project meets “totally-sweet-pink-girly-dancing-movie-crap” ;)

  9. lostinamirage Says:

    I think I better call Cleo now to find out exactly WHICH movie it was! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM1PRQwGh2E&feature=related Hahaha!!

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