Another series of weird dream-happenings

I was at some sort of surfing competition thing at the beach and there was a drowning baby. I saved it and it starting purring.

I had to get a medical and when I got my results back, there was some interesting additional information. Apparently, I didn’t have the HIV, but there was an 18% chance of current pregnancy with quadruplets. Also, my “Personality Factor” was a 19, which was considered below normal and in the comments section, the doctor wrote, “Needs help.”

So we had bombs, right? But mine fell apart. :(

I had something on my mind. And some alien douchebag decided to take it out. But then I karate-chopped his face and won the war against terror.

And that was pretty much it. I’m not sure if/how these stories are related, but my brain is just wonderful that way.


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3 Responses to “Another series of weird dream-happenings”

  1. Aaisha Says:

    Eww, the pregnancy thing is such a nightmare! *shudder*

    P.S. I was moving my mouse over your illustrations and laughing at the secret captions, or whatever they’re called. ;)

  2. Steve Erwin Says:

    *picks up Ax*
    *lowers Ax back down*

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