Dear Valued Readers,

I know many all of you are suffering from hectic withdrawal symptoms due to my lack of recent blogging. The truth of the matter is that I’ve been busy (yet again) and haven’t yet found the time to entertain your poor souls. I’m currently working on this huge paint job for a pediatrics ward at a medical centre, and I’m physically incapable of cranking out eight hours of that and creative blog posts.

But the future is not as bleak as you think! I shall post soon, don’t worry.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a little non-sequitur:

Please bear with me until like, tomorrow, and I’ll be more productive over the following week. Also, join this group on facebook; it’s pretty phenom: MarketingDogHouse

With loving regards of warmingly true sincerities,


P.S. I get 50 points for the longest letter-close in the history of writing! Whammy!


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One Response to “Dear Valued Readers,”

  1. Biological D. Says:

    and you get a 100 points from me!

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