Boring times call for boring measures

Here’s how useless productive my day was:

First, I went to uni. Our lecturer called someone a lambastard, which I interpreted to mean

After a couple Google searches, however, I managed to figure out that the term used was “lambasted,” which means, “beaten with a cane.” I forgot the context, so I can’t really explain why this word was ever be uttered in my Services Marketing class.

Another thing I did today was set up a twitter account! Although I’m not quite sure why. I don’t see the point of having twitter, since you can update your statuses on facebook just as easily. But all the celebrities have twitter, and I’m almost famous, so I felt starting an account was in good order. @onamatopoeia

Let’s see, what else did I get up to? I emailed Chris from Mark Doesn’t Understand Animals because he’s cool and his comics make me giggle. I also fed the tortoises. Oh, and I got the rainbow pinwheel of death like all day today, so tomorrow I’m going to update my external hard drive and delete all kindsa shit from my laptop. I think I only have like 10 GB of space left. Damn you, iPhoto and iTunes!

On a completely unrelated note, here’s a picture of a monkey.

That is all.


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3 Responses to “Boring times call for boring measures”

  1. Aaisha Says:

    Twitter is a great micro-blogging tool for you to tweet about this blog! :D But why did you delete the old account? I just noticed I had one less follower. :(
    I’ll follow you next time I log on though. Btw, those twitter icon birds are super cute!

  2. inurbase Says:

    Now following!

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