Non sequitur

I was looking through my comics folder of neglected drawings that just don’t fit with any story, and I started feeling sorry for them. They just looked so sad and abandoned! But then I came up with this genius idea that whenever I’m too lazy to write a real post, or if I legit can’t come up with anything witty, or nothing interesting happened in my day or dream or otherwise, I will simply post one of these deserted little illustrations. It’s a win-win-win! You get your dose of awesome, I fulfill my blogging duties, and they (the drawings) won’t feel left out and forgotten. Whammy!

No one is satisfied with what they have.


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3 Responses to “Non sequitur”

  1. neilslorance Says:

    I love this! :) nx

  2. Aaisha Says:

    Awww, poor drawings, I’m glad they don’t feel neglected anymore.

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