How you are perceived based on your typing style

The 5-year-old who just smoked crack rocks in the basement and now hallucinates cats. Probably not a child. Probably not on crack. And there are probably no cats involved. This typer is just a sick, sick person who finds pleasure in tainting the web with z’s and lol’s.

The wannabe emo teenager who’s actually an adult and can’t spell for shit. Key characteristics: Uses “2” instead of “two/to/too”. Uses “4” instead of “four/for.” Uses single letters instead of full words (e.g. u = you). Combines letters and numbers to create words (e.g. b4 = before).

The unicorn who just ate a bunch of shrooms. People who type like this need to have their arms chopped off at the elbows. If that doesn’t stop them from coming in contact with a keyboard, shoot on sight.

The lazy college kid who sits around facebook all day. The only thing missing in this typer’s style is a bit of appropriate capitalisation and the occasional apostrophe. But because he’s in college, a lack in motivation is completely understandable. It’s just sad because there’s so much potential! *sheds a tear*

The ADHD princess who can’t be bothered to type full sentences. A plethora of exclamation marks tends to be used, and almost everything is abbreviated into an acronym.

The overweight, balding, 50-year-old gaming nerd who pretends to be a kid in chat-rooms.

The totally awesome Ona (and people who aspire to be like her, but never quite make it).


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3 Responses to “How you are perceived based on your typing style”

  1. adamdubai Says:

    uuiuu is sOoo LaMe!!!!!! OOOMMMGGGG u spend too mucchhh tyme on the intraect.

  2. adamdubai Says:

    Sorry dearest Ona, however the awesome blog you posted made me realize my own failings and therefore made my insanely jealous of your super wicked grammar and spelling!

  3. deathofseasonsx Says:

    but i’m not in college.

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