Did I mention I have a drawing tablet?

Yeah, I got it over the summer. And I kinda haven’t really been using it. But as I was writing my previous post, I felt like some visual aid was necessary. Enter: drawing tablet. It’s so nifty! And convenient! I can draw whatever I want, but faster because of functions such as “fill!” The possibilities are limitless. Here’s another quickie, because I watched the movie 9 the other day with Adam. But I couldn’t remember if 9 wore glasses or not, and he’s definitely not as old as I made him look, but whatevs. Point is, I can sketch directly onto my laptop now. Brace yourselves. The next thousand-ish posts are going down in style.


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One Response to “Did I mention I have a drawing tablet?”

  1. lostinamirage Says:

    So I’m stalking the posts I didn’t get to read before and um, you’re crazy talented! This is effing amazing!!

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