Okay everyone. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Drum roll please?



My photos are officially for sale. Online. Let me break the magic down for you:

I have yet another blog, which will be working in tandem with The Meaning of Life, but in no way replaces it. Any photographs from TMoL that receive a lot of feedback, comments, visits, high ratings, etc. will be added to my tumblr account in addition to some of my other works that you may have never seen before. You will be able to purchase the photos as prints or cards (in varying sizes), and you will also be able to download them and do other stuff. It’s pretty cool.

The link to the tumblr account is (surprise, surprise): See how I did that? I kept it simple! You can grovel at my feet and worship me later. I’ll also repost this link in the About Me sections of both this blog and TMoL.

All of that having been said, if you ever see anything that you would like to purchase or download at hi-res, leave a comment about it and I’ll upload to tumblr. That includes anything from my facebook albums as well. The reason why I must make everything so unnecessarily complex is because the service I’m using isn’t compatible with WordPress. So yeah, deal with it.

In completely unrelated news, I’m hungry.


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