Stomach story

I ate at an all-you-can-eat sushi bar yesterday. Today, I checked some Plinky archives and found a prompt where I must write an entire poem using only words that start with the letter “s.” I didn’t think it was possible (what about prepositions?!), but apparently, it is. This poem is proof that too much delicious raw seafood can directly affect your brain.

Succulent sushi.

Sensational spectacle:
Salmon sashimi surrounds seafood salad,
Seaweed shamelessly shelters sea bream snapper,
Simmered scallops support salty squid structure.

Some scents seem superfluous:
Sweet soy sauce.
Some scents seem significant:
Sliced swordfish,
Spotted sea trout,

Said smells stimulate salivation.



Alliteration much?

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3 Responses to “Stomach story”

  1. sillyfrogsusan Says:

    Simply super!

  2. cogitoergosum Says:

    and whats s for fucking brilliant?

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