Breakfast Juice

So I finally succumbed to my nagging Software Updates and just clicked everything and let my laptop do the rest. Turns out, I got a newer version of iPhoto and iMovie, so I decided to put the two together and create a short and pointless little stop-motion video. But because I’m poor and didn’t feel like paying for the video upgrade for this blog, I decided instead to create a free YouTube account, upload the video there, and then embed it here. Poor folk are clever, eh?

IMPORTANT SUGGESTION (especially to people like Ma, who are kind of computer illiterate): Press the play button. Then press the pause button. Wait for the bar to turn red (i.e. completely loaded). Then press play again and enjoy.


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2 Responses to “Breakfast Juice”

  1. Biological D. Says:

    wow, enjoyed that!!!
    you´re so talented!
    told ya so….

  2. Tene Says:

    Yeah Ona, told you so haha

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