When did I last thank someone?

I thanked someone over the phone not two minutes ago, for informing me that she has 75W infrared bulbs in stock.

Amadeus broke his light a couple days ago (and I can only imagine that he accidentally whipped it with his surprisingly strong iguana-tail) and hasn’t been eating normally since. The reason being, reptiles cannot control their own body temperature, and need to be a certain level of warmth in order to correctly digest food. So I went on an expedition around town to every single big pet store, in search of another infrared bulb.

One store had them, but they were like a gajillion watts and even bigger than Amadeus, so I decided that was ridiculous. Another store had a 60w infrared bulb, but it was ceramic, and I prefer the red ones because they help improve Amadeus’s night vision. So I didn’t get that one. Another store just placed the order and would be getting the new shipment in a week. And the last store I went to was also out of stock, but they had one more left in their display-iguana’s cage! I went to check it out (they were going to give it to me for free), but it turns out that she, too, whipped her light into a broken state of uselessness.

Defeated, I went back home empty-handed and went to sleep.

This morning, I thought of one last place that I know of, that I haven’t yet checked. But I wasn’t feeling too optimistic, so I decided to call first (before I drive all the way out there in vain).

“Hey, uhh, do you have infrared bulbs in stock?”

“Just a minute ma’am, let me check.”

“Kay cool thanks.”

“Ma’am? Yeah, we do have them.”

“Oh okay, but I don’t want the ceramic ones.”

“They’re not ceramic, they’re the red ones.”

“Oh. Okay cool, but I can’t handle eight trillion watts either, I don’t want my house to explode into a supernova of infraredness.”

“Well I have 60W, 75W, and 100W.”

“You… what?”

“I said, I have 60W, 75W, and 100W. And they’re not ceramic. And I’m pretty sure your house won’t become a supernova. Aaaand, we have a part sale going on, so if you buy one, you’ll get the second one at half price.”



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