What would I do with unlimited resources?

When I first read this prompt, I immediately thought WORLD DOMINATION! But in retrospect, I concluded that 1.) revealing my evil ploys is probably not a very strategic maneuver, and 2.) world domination isn’t really a “creation” per se. So with a little added thought, I changed my answer to a different thing that I would create, given unlimited resources.

That thing would be a teleporter. Having my own teleporter would definitely come in handy. I still haven’t decided on the final design of it yet, but I’m considering making the first version look very old-school (i.e. typical textbook teleporter that you must crawl into, flashing lights, beep bloop bleep, etc.), but then coming out with a fancier, slimmer, portable one a couple years later.


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One Response to “What would I do with unlimited resources?”

  1. Biological D. Says:

    excelent idee!

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