Three Crayola Crayons

I only get to choose three crayons for my picture. Hopefully I’m lucky and I get to select from one of those Crayola 64-colour boxes, because some excellent colours reside inside. Which ones would I choose?

Tickle Me Pink
Pink invokes happiness. It sparks a sense of liveliness, not in a crackhead roadrunner sort of way, but in a refined, blushing cheeks sort of way. It is a combination of White and Red, both beautiful colours, but sometimes too bold and attention-grabby on their own. Pink is the perfect blend of positive emotions.

Burnt Orange
Orange is an underrated colour, perhaps because it’s the secondary offspring of primary Red and Yellow. But I love it. Burnt Orange is especially nice because it’s warm and earthy. Sitting next to a fireplace on a cold winter night, watching the sunset after a long summer day at the lake, eating a slice of Grandma’s delicious pumpkin pie – these are all feelings associated with Burnt Orange. And it’s never overwhelming, even if it’s the only colour you use.

Every picture needs a blue pigment. Whether it be used for something as ordinary as the sky or as deep as the innocence in a child’s eye, Cerulean is a multi-purpose colour that never fails to portray the correct sensation. Cerulean changes its own colour based on its surroundings. Next to Burnt Orange, Cerulean is the royal blue, the grandfather of blue, the loyal, serene, powerfully silent blue. Next to Tickle Me Pink, Cerulean is the lively blue, the playful blue, the bright, mischievous, afternoon blue. It is the perfect counterpart to any colour.


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2 Responses to “Three Crayola Crayons”

  1. Hennie Says:

    I can sense that you want to choose Cerulean ^-^ I think so

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