Start the commotion

Okay brace yourselves for what I’m about to tell you, because chances are, you’ll shit your pants with excitement: I now have… a photo blog. And you’re not invited to check it out! Hahaha just kidding. But seriously, how much will you pay me for the link? A handful of gummy bears and a half-melted ice cube?! Sold! To the gentleman in the white lab coat approaching me with a strait jacket and a taser gun.

The Meaning of Life

UPDATE: For those of you who suffer from moderate to severe retardation¬†(like “Pelzina’s relative”), the link is posted above. Click on the coloured words, and let the magic of the Internet transcend you into another space and time. Jesus, it’s really not that difficult. *shakes head disapprovingly*


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One Response to “Start the commotion”

  1. Pelzina's relative Says:

    So where the hell is the link???? I want to see it now. Hurry up.

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