Quick reminder slash update

Kay this doesn’t really count as a post, but I have some information and it is imperative that I share it with you:

I need a camera. Now, as you know, my birthday is coming up (and don’t worry, my birthday wishlist will soon be published) but if you would like to buy me one beforehand, please don’t hesitate to do so. In the very likely event that one of my fans purchases me one, I will create a new page dedicated to photography, for those of you who I don’t have on facebook.

That’s all! I have to go to my shit job now.


5 Responses to “Quick reminder slash update”

  1. biological D. Says:

    what kind a job?
    does this have to do with licorice too?

  2. onamatopoeia Says:

    Negative. My job is very unfortunately in no way related to licorice. Reading previous posts will give you a few hints as to what my current shit job is (for the answer, see paragraph 3 of “A few signs that Someone up there doesn’t like me very much”). However, I’m handing in my internal transfer applications THIS WEEK! So I may or may not be moving to the marketing department.

  3. biological D. Says:

    well,Iknew about your baywatch activities.
    somehow Iconnected it with a summer job.
    forgot that you guys have summer all year long.
    the good thing though is: you can swim!!!
    this ability becomes quite convenient at times…
    do you stil play violin?

  4. Tene Says:

    Yeah, she does, but only rarely when she has time.

  5. Biological D. Says:


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