Things I think about

How can some people be SO fucking fat? Like, I understand people who just simply enjoy eating and refrain from any form of physical activity, thereby resulting in a few extra kilos. That’s fine. But there’s a limit. Human beings should not be the same size as baby elephants. And they shouldn’t be allowed to wear bathing suits and walk around in public. Or at least anywhere I can see them or feel the earth shake from their stride.

Which flavour ice cream came first? Chocolate? Vanilla? Who comes up with the flavours? “Oh I have a brilliant idea! Let’s make a delectable frozen treat that tastes just like banana nut muffins!”

I want a boa constrictor and/or a baby tiger as a pet. By the end of this week, preferably. But I don’t think my roommates would be too down with either of those options. So a bunny will have to do. Maybe. If I’m lucky enough for even that. Do bunnies make a sound? Like, cats meow and dogs bark, but do bunnies do anything audible to the human ear? I don’t think so. But then again, I could be wrong. I’ve never had a bunny before.

I hate how the concept of time works. It’s so warped. When I’m smoking a cigarette, for example, five minutes can pass like that *snaps fingers*. But when it’s 19:55 and I’m waiting for those last five minutes before I can close my position so that I can run and catch the bus home, it takes fucking aaaaaages. 

I saw this lady swimming with one of those waterproof iPod things the other day. I want one. I didn’t know they actually work! I thought it’s just a case that you put your iPod in, and if you’re on a boat or something and it accidentally falls in the ocean, its innards are protected from the corrosive salt water. I didn’t know that you could actually hook it up to headphones and listen to music while swimming! That’s awesome! Maybe some day I’ll come up with a genius invention like that. I’ve already got an idea that involves a virtual alarm clock that somehow programs itself onto your brain and even when you’re dreaming, it can wake you up in the form of like, a guy that takes hold of your shoulders and starts shaking you and screams, “wake up!” But there’s still a few technicalities I need to work out.

Why do kids always run everywhere? Is it that they’re short little legs are incapable of walking? Or do they just choose to run because they have heaps of pent-up energy after being immobile for those first couple years (including womb-time)?

My nails are really brittle and ugly these days. And my fingers are all cut up. I think the chlorine is to blame.

I don’t think Michael Jackson is really dead.


4 Responses to “Things I think about”

  1. biological D. Says:

    the things you think about…
    i´m like thinking: OK, here it comes…

    but if that is all? Life can´t be treating you too bad…..


    p.s. why don´t you send me an email?
    so I don´t need to mess up your blog all the time.
    think about it

  2. biological D. Says:

    that wasn´t ment to sound like a threat!


  3. Aaisha Says:

    Because kids are ugly, annoying little fucks who need to be exterminated. :)
    Aaaah, now I feel much better. Btw, you’re alarm clock idea is genius but I would find it extremely irritating. Like what if you’re having this kick ass dream where you’re about to eat the world’s most delicious donut and JUST as you’re about to take a bite, he shakes you awake! Lame.

  4. Adim Says:

    I think there is an evil cooperation that comes up with flavors of ice-cream. they sit down all day thinking up the craziest flavors to get all of us hooked on ice-cream, so we can turn out to be like those fat people u talked about in the first paragraph. LOL

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