Young Vaughn’s pretty sick

Album Artwork

So my friend Young Vaughn, a really talented artist, just released his new album (The New School Cool) and a video for one of his tracks entitled “Loser!” And I think awesome pretty much sums them both up. Click here to download the album for free, and click here to check out Loser! on YouTube.

If you’re into Hip Hop, you won’t be disappointed, and if you’re not into Hip Hop, this guy just might get you hooked.


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3 Responses to “Young Vaughn’s pretty sick”

  1. Mohammed Says:

    Song’s pretty good, loved the video as well. Trippy!

    Please tell me you made that pic? I like!
    Woman what the hell are you doing in marketing?!

  2. reverian Says:

    Its a pretty cool album, kudos

  3. biological D. Says:

    What is happening to the wonderfull brain of Ona?
    is it to busy doing other things?

    biological D

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