Before I go on to tell you about these retarded Asians I saw today, I wanted to comment on the fact that I’ve been slacking on my blogging. I know, it’s so not cool, and I apologise. Therefore, I’ve decided to make it up to you by posting my latest creation. 

Sick Mind

It’s still a rough draft, so I’m open to critique and comments! 

Kay, now that that’s out of the way, onwards to my story. It’s short, don’t worry.

The temperature was probably around 45 degrees Celsius today, with the humidity levels exceeding 70% for sure. I don’t really know because I’m not a meteorologist, but that’s my rough estimate. Anyway, I was just in this lame new shopping mall for the past hour, when I finally decide that it’s time I should leave.

Upon exiting the sliding glass doors, my sunglasses (which were already on my face, because I’m cool like that) immediately fogged up like woah. This is a normal occurrence for Dubai at this time of the year. So I just took my glasses off, wiped them on my shirt, and put them back on my face.

I lit a cigarette. About thirty-four seconds later, this group of typical Asian tourists comes out of the same sliding glass doors through which I existed just a few moments prior. I use the term “Asian” because I don’t really know which country they were from. But let’s just say they looked like anime characters. Complete with the unnatural hair colouring and spiky up-dos. I noticed that only one of them was wearing sunglasses.

I was about to avert my attention elsewhere when the dude with the glasses started freaking the fuck out. With his hands outstretched before him, he proceeded to walk like a blind guy without his stick, and shouted something in a worried Asian voice. His friends were all looking at him with equally horrified facial expressions, but after a couple seconds started laughing at him.

As it turns out, Naruto‘s glasses simply fogged up, but he thought he had gone blind or eaten some magic mushrooms or something. He and his Asian clan were so fascinated by this event! They started laughing and jabbering away in their language, taking pictures of the glasses and the guy wearing them. Then they opened their little fanny packs and took out their own glasses, but looked completely devastated when they didn’t fog up the way their friend’s had. 

I couldn’t help but laugh, and that’s when they noticed me and in broken English, with smiling faces and many head-nods, asked if I could  take a group photo of them. I couldn’t possibly say no, so I snapped a picture, and went my way.

Too bad I don’t have a copy.


EDIT: I just saw what this post looks like from your (the reader’s) point of view, and I can already say that I’m not feeling the clouds. I gotta work on that section like heaps more. So let’s just ignore it for the time being, shall we? Excellent.


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6 Responses to “Typical?”

  1. Ten ten Says:

    Bahahahaha dude I SO wish I were there, gotta lurve Asians…

  2. Mohammed Says:

    AHAHAHA! Nice

    And why the city coming out of your head? I like btw

  3. Biological D. Says:

    awsome picture!

    i printed it out and hung it in my studio



  4. onamatopoeia Says:

    Haha, thanks for the positive feedback guys!

  5. Aaisha Says:

    Aww how freakin’ cuuuuuute! I love people like that who do random shit like that. Lucky you!
    Btw, how are you doing these things that look like photographic works of art-is this purely through photoshop? *In an English accent* Bloody brilliant, mate.

  6. Aaisha Says:

    p.s. ignore the sentence where I say “like that” twice…retardedness

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