Pre-speech jitters

I was standing at the podium,
looking out at everyone.
Seeing some familiar faces;
different colours,
different races,
origins from different places,
and suddenly my mind erases
everything I planned to preach.
There goes my entire speech.
The crowd looks up with expectation;
I stare back with hesitation.
Start to sweat,
I start to choke,
Is this God’s form of some sick joke?
I try to look back in my mind,
I’m on pause, let’s rewind
and try to find
another kind
of some sick rhyme
to pass the time,
before the sea grows mean and restless
and pulls me in without a life-vest.
Suddenly, I see a light
amongst the shadows of my plight.
Although it’s slight,
I think I’m right,
So I struggle and I fight
to pull the message out the bottle
and spit it out in full throttle.
The expressions of the crowd
were still eager,
still loud.
And I was proud
that I had found
The words I hadn’t written down.
I make a mental note of them, 
And then I start…


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