Wow, for a while there I kinda forgot that I had a blog! Heh heh… oops. So without  further ado, I shall now fill in my millions of three fans on what’s been happening in my oh-so-exciting life.


Ten's promTen's graduation






  • I recently watched Terminator 12 Billion (good), Crank 2 (fucken excellent!), Monsters vs. Aliens (it had its funny moments), and X-Men Origins (fantastic!). 
  • I switched from Marlboro Lights to Marlboro Menthol Lights because it’s getting hotter and the mintyness of menthols makes me feel refreshed and happy.
  • I’ve developed some sort of sleeping disorder. Some claim it’s laziness, others believe it’s lupus, but basically I just… sleep! A lot! And I’m always tired, even after thirteen hours of straight sleeping? Is this normal? I think not. I blame it on the summer.
  • Speaking of summer, I’m a full-time lifeguard! Starting mid-July. 
  • Uhm, what else… See, my life is really quite boring. I’m getting another tattoo, I still have plans to kill Feb, I have a weird cramp in my neck, Tommy’s breath is getting worse by the second, there’s nothing good on TV, I’m supposed to be knitting (of all things), I feel like going skiing, my dreams have become even more twisted than usual, and Ma didn’t make me coffee this morning so I’m grumpy and ranting and because of my new sleeping disorder I’m too lethargic to go make some myself.

Yup, so that’s pretty much it! I promise I’ll be more blog-productive from now on. I miss being able to talk about myself as much as I want without anyone interru–ONE SEC, MA! I’M BLOGGING!

So yeah, get ready for some June madness. 


Edit: I forgot to give much-deserved credit to Aaron, for being the initiator of the Menthol trend that is sweeping the nation. Or at least my circle of friends. Kudos!


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One Response to “M.I.A.”

  1. Mohammed Says:

    I liked the Menthols :p

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