She’s Chaos

The following is a short story taken from My Denouement, which I have chosen to adapt to image. However, I’m still in the rough-draft stages, and the final version will be done by hand in acrylic. It will also be more complex and incorporate several different scenes as well. Till then, enjoy!

The young cashier was gathering carts in the grocery store parking lot on Halloween night,
Observing a pale-face-dark-hair-light-eyed girl,
in a raggedy-gray dress with faded-red-flower-designs.
She was playing with the passenger-side handles of several parked cars,
jumping from a red Toyota, to a blue pickup truck and so on.
Believing she may be in distress he pushed what carts he had gathered over to the damsel.
Ma’am, is everything-okay, he asked.
She turned around and began her long emotionless stare at the cashier’s face,
before advancing on his position, a chill danced around his spine.
Taken aback, a lump filled his throat when he replied, I-don’t-know.
His feet carried him behind the carts, using them to separate the two,
but she followed and thus began a ring-a-round-the-roses game,
something-happened-to-my-face, she continued callously,
her face looked normal-albeit-pale, it certainly wasn’t malformed in a way he could see.
Do-you-think-I’m-pretty? She asked.
Sure, he replied, turning around to push the carts to the designated cart areas of the parking lot.
His pace was remarkable, powered by a strong sense of anxiety, looking for help.
He kept his face forward, scared that she followed.
Finally spotting a fellow cashier taking a smoke break.
Is-she-still-behind-me? He asked the friendly face.
Who? He turned around and she was gone.



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3 Responses to “She’s Chaos”

  1. anonimust Says:

    I like it, thanks :D

  2. Beyond Flattered « My Denouement Says:

    […] By anonimust 0 Comments Categories: personal Ona is turning my story She’s Chaos into a painting which is […]

  3. Aaisha Says:

    Woah, you painted this? That’s dope!

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