R.I.P. Frederick

Residing ‘twixt the kitchen sink and the coffee maker, his fishbowl always held a glimmer of happiness.

The bowl itself refracted sunlight not only across the room, but across the hearts of anyone lucky enough to be nearby. Perfectly accented angles of light bounced off the smooth, shiny, glass surface in all directions.

Staring into the depths of his little Utopia, the crystal clear water would ripple seductively with each sigh of content and awe that one would exhale. And the star himself, the focus of everyone’s attention, would swim elegantly through the crisp water, his long and lustrous tail swaying gracefully behind him. Mesmerizing his audience with the fluidity of his movements, Frederick would glide through the water like a feather in the breeze. Ever twisting and tumbling and twirling in a dream-like manner, his gills shimmered and glistened in the light.

Having a strong passion for life, Frederick always had the ability to lift the mood of any passerby. This is the one characteristic that we will all remember and cherish most about Frederick.

Even those who have not had the privilege to know Frederick personally will be able to understand the serene feelings that this little fish invoked. The satisfaction of stretching in bed every morning, the breeze that whispers past and kisses you on the cheek on a hot summer afternoon, the calming sounds of breaking waves, the warmth and smell of laundry fresh out of the dryer… These are all sensations that are similar to the aura surrounding Frederick, but still do not come close to describing its magnificent power. The general idea, however, can be imagined.

Frederick was a wonderful fish and it saddens me deeply that he is no longer with us in body. But his spirit still surrounds us, and his exuberance will remain alive in our minds, hearts, and souls.

Although the kitchen is no longer as vibrant and lively as it once was, the memory of a great pet will linger on for years to come. May his tiny little body rest in peace.


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4 Responses to “R.I.P. Frederick”

  1. anonimust Says:

    …/mourn Frederick… I never had a fish last past the night but I’m a horrible pet owner in general. When I was five I accidentally killed my bunny by putting him in the dryer because he got wet. I love dogs but couldn’t protect mine from the evil mail (censored) who shot her ear off with a BB gun and sprayed her in the eyes with pepper spray. Sadly I lost her too, she was a wonderful companion before all that and the mail (censored) was fired but in all I can’t keep a pet :(.

  2. Tene Says:

    Bahahaha I’m sorry, I know you wanted this to be a serious eulogy but it’s just so funny hahaha “his little body” hahahaha! <3 you Freddy

  3. reverian Says:


    Time for an update, miss!

  4. Aaisha Says:

    This is bleak. Emogirl.

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