Suicidal Tea

So there’s this commercial on TV that makes me almost cry every time I see it. But it’s really beautiful in a low-budget sort of way. Some of you may know it:

There’s this woman in the kitchen, and she’s boiling some water for tea. When the kettle whistles, she reaches over to this cute little glass jar, in which there are several bags of Lipton tea. She then enjoys her tea.

The punchline of the commercial, however, is that now Lipton has made their tea boxes with like, magical freshness foil or something, so you no longer need to use a big ol’ jar. So the woman in the kitchen obviously buys it (otherwise there’d be no point to the commercial), and the next time she makes tea, she neglects her loyal jar.

The kettle boils, the jar condensates, and then the woman reaches past the jar for the new freshness foil Lipton box .  The jar then sheds a single tear of utter despair and sorrow, knowing that it is now useless and has no more reason for living.

He then shuffles over to the window and jumps. And all you hear a second later is the sound of shattering glass, followed by the voice-over talking about how much cooler this new tea is.

Sad, innit? Anyway the reason why I’m posting this isn’t to make you suicidal and/or crave tea. No. The reason is twofold: Firstly, I can’t find the video clip online anywhere, but I’m emo enough to want my own copy to watch whenever I wish. So find it for me please? And secondly, Shall We Dance is on TV and I’m bored out of my skull because it’s one of the lamest movies ever made. So I thought I’d multitask.

In other news, my spring break is almost over, and it’s making me sad.


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5 Responses to “Suicidal Tea”

  1. anonimust Says:

    What an interesting commercial. I’m not sure why the Brave Little Toaster never found his way to the poor tea jar to talk him out of it.

    Oh well as long as the coffee pot doesn’t go i’ll be fine.

  2. gremlin Says:

    Hey freak. Here’s the commercial. But I think it’s only half of the commercial. There’s also another commercial which is related to it. Its not what you want but I’ll put ’em up both anyway.

    and the other one

    you’re welcome. Please wire my fee directly the pre agreed upon account number.

    Thank you.

  3. onamatopoeia Says:

    Oh my gosh yes! The first link is totally the commercial! But it’s slightly abridged. Thanks! *wires five dhs to your account*

  4. Aaisha Says:

    Oh no that IS sad! Awww poor jar, what if it was it’s birthday?!? Nooooo *sobs*

  5. Tene Says:

    Is it weird that this makes me legitimately sad…? :(

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