The mysterious case of the milk thief.

milkNo but seriously guys. It’s not JUST milk. It’s a way of life. You don’t know it till you try it, but it’s phenomenal. Once you go SQUCoA milk, you never go back. *salivates*


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4 Responses to “The mysterious case of the milk thief.”

  1. Chin Says:

    Dear All,

    I need to clear my name!! IT WAS NOT ME. I AM A DECENT PERSON and respect SQUCM enough not to just gulp it down in one go… In fact, to set history straight, I introduced it to my children…. It made them what they are today!!! Every bit of their success is due to this deliciously healthy and nutritious drink.

    How could you ever think that of me!!! And, by the way, for everyone to know.. The missing carton was found in the secret hiding place that Ahmed had hidden it in the night before. It was there!! Untouched.

    You may use my normal email address for sending your apologies and suggestions of how to mend this somewhat, damaged and broken relationship I have with you guys now!!!

  2. onamatopoeia Says:

    Pssh. You probably drove all the way to Muscat in the middle of the night to buy a replacement milk, and then re-hid it in the fridge to feign innocence. No wonderrr there’s so much mileage on your car!

  3. gremlin Says:

    Yeah she probably did! And because SQUCoACM is SO popular, she only found one, or else she would’ve bought 3 to save her rep!

    You also CLAIMED that you NEVER drink SQUCoACM, yet above you have admitted to the WORLD, that it is a “deliciously healthy and nutritious drink”. Now how could you claim to know such detailed information about this magical product if you do not drink it?

    Your defence is hereby rejected as you have failed to convince us of your innocence.

  4. Tene Says:


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