Catching up. Quickly.

Okay so this is going to be super quick (hopefully), because I have a lot of shit to do. Being back at uni is lame like that.

The flight I was supposed to be on (to Amsterdam) ended up being delayed. For four hours. Not one, not two, four effing hours. So we were like okay sweet, whatever. I mean, waiting four hours isn’t really the end of the world. Especially since we’d have our connecting flight rebooked and everything. Right? 

Wrong. The check-in lady was like, “Yeah about that… It seems we forgot to rebook your connecting flight, so you’re going to be stranded in Schiphol for like, a day, or however long it takes for the next flight to go out.” Ma and I were thinking that wouldn’t be too bad, hey? But then Jenny Raincloud reminded us that our baggage [(4 suitcases x 50 lbs each) + 1 rolly carry-on + 3 big handbag-type-things + dodgy as hell Schiphol = disaster] was also not checked through. So we decided to kill her.

Just kidding. That would’ve gotten us in trouble. Instead, she suggested we hop on the Emirates Air flight that would leave in a couple hours, and fly non-stop to Dubai. So I guess the plus was that we could fall asleep and wake up in Dubai and arrive earlier than expected, but the minus was obviously the lack of Amsterdam in the middle of our trip. *sigh*

Today was my first day back at uni. Nothing’s changed except for Mohammed’s hair. It’s shorter. I haven’t seen Jessica or Mushood yet though, so we’ll see what happens with them tomorrow. 

I was totally just going to say something mildly cool, but I can’t remember what it was… I hate it when that happens. Oh! Yeah now I remember: I got another tattoo today. : D 

Yeah and that’s basically your super quick update as to what has happened kind of. But now I have to go figure out my timetable and what books I need to buy and stuff. So yeah. Bye!


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