headache!So you know how I was supposed to go to Long Island today? Yeah well I wake up, right? And there’s a big snow storm swirling around my window. AND I have a headache. ANNDDD, I’m supposed to go shovel the driveway. The problem with the snow storm is that at some point I’m gunna be on a ferry and I don’t necessarily want to reenact any scene from the Titanic. The problem with my headache is that I’m going to be trapped in a fast moving car with my mom for like, two hours. And the addition of snow most likely means no radio the whole trip, so she can “concentrate.” The problem with the shoveling bit is that it’s still snowing. Which means by the time I’m at the end of the driveway, the beginning will be completely covered again. Life can be so sneaky and vicious sometimes. Keep a lookout on facebook later for some horribly cold pictures.

Oh yeah, I guess I still haven’t officially told everyone what the deal is with my back, hey? So it turns out after a billion and a half MRIs that my bones are in fact, healed properly. There’s almost no trace of a previous fracture. You’d think that’s good news, right? Wrong. Because that basically means that my problem isn’t easily fixable via surgery, rather, it’s being cheeky and mysterious. Where is the pain and stiffness coming from? 

Arthritis. Yup, you heard correctly. Due to the constant wear and tear on my bones and ligaments and tendons and whatever other kind of freaky deaky stuff is in that region (I forgot everything I learned in AP Biology, sorry), I now have arthritis. I was kinda under the impression that that’s only something old people get, but yeah. It seems I’ve sped up the process and I have the back of a sixty-year-old. Fun!

Is it treatable? Yes and no. I can do physical therapy and take a bunch of meds for the pain, but the arthritis itself is not treatable. I guess “manageable” is a better word to use. Which is still good! Also, since my bones are technically healed, you know what that means… extreme sports, woo!  Muahaha, just kidding. Kind of. But not really. Actually, not at all. I’m serious. Cliff jumping, sky diving, skiing, dune bashing, ice skating (that’s pretty extreme, right?), and anything else that could potentially result in serious injuries has been approved by my doctor! Yes! But don’t tell Ma.

In related news, I’m also suffering from post concussive syndrome. I don’t really know what that is, but the doctor said that because of multiple trauma to my head, I still have like, brain-bruising or something. And he said that’s probably what’s responsible for my constant snapping at people. Just so you know. Don’t judge me! I’m not heartless!

Yeah so the snow’s only getting worse. Maybe I should get started on the shoveling? Although I’d much rather get hit by a cement truck.


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3 Responses to “Ugh.”

  1. Tene Says:

    Bahahahahaha <3 .

  2. Bassam Says:

    Ever heard of an ipod or a mp3 player?!.. Don’t need the radio yaw!

    And i do have to say ona! For a sixty year old! you is gorgeous! wonder how you’d look like when you hit 120 :P But for real, hope the meds help, n me is glad its better. kinda >.<

    As for the Post concussive syndrome. Is it raining melons there?!

  3. Aaisha Says:

    Arthritis?!? No freakin’ way! Not to worry Ona, with today’s scientific advancements they’ll find a cure for everything! ;) (I still find that completely unbelievable) So you’re still getting aches and pains?
    I’m glad your back bones are healed though, i forgot to ask you about that over the phone since you know, i was pretty much brain dead.

    You’ve been snapping at people? Haha, you’re so calm and collected i find that hard believe, lol! (What’s my excuse? :P)
    I hope your head concussion thingy heals fast! (Sorry i’m terrible with medical terms.)

    p.s. does that mean you are still in Boston?

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